Headlines - July 2019

July 23, 2019

Dear Children, Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors,

As this school year draws to a close, we thank you for your support and contributions that have helped make this year a successful one. Please read our attached newsletter to find out about lots of of different things we have been up to.

We hope you have a happy and restful summer break and we look forward to see our returning families and staff in September.

Children to return on Thursday 5th September.

To those moving on, we wish you all the very best in your new ventures.


Kind regards

The School Office

Thank you to our wonderful PTA!

July 21, 2019

Dear Parents/Carers and Friends of St Lawrence,

As we draw the close to the end of this academic year, we want express our gratitude for all the hard work the PTA (that's you!) have put in to raising funds for our school. In these difficult financial times, when school budgets are being stretched so much, you cannot underestimate how important these funds are to supporting the children here at St Lawrence in an abundance of ways. 

Please see the attached 'thank you' poster.


Many, many thanks,

St Lawrence Pupils and Staff

Classes for September 2019

July 02, 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,



As you will know, today we had Transition Day for the school with our infant feeder schools sending their children to meet their new Year 3 teachers and Years 3,4 and 5 moving up to meet their new teacher for next year. I am writing to let you know who your child(ren)’s teacher will be for next year (please see below).



We will also be welcoming some new staff to the school and saying goodbye to others. We will be saying goodbye to Mr Stacey who is relocating down to the Dorset coast. He has secured a post in a school down there and starts in September. We also say goodbye to Mr Parker who, after five years at St Lawrence, has decided to move on to another local school to broaden his experience. We wish them both well as they embark further on their career paths.


We will be welcoming back Miss East who many of you will remember took a sabbatical this year to travel around the world. Although she was unable to meet her class today she will be back and raring to go in September.


Your children have had a chance to meet their new teacher today (where possible) and spent some time getting to know them better. This also included some academic tasks to show their teacher what they are capable of.




Yours sincerely,

Mr D Tucker



Current Teacher                          New Teacher

New class                                     Mrs Whitfield – Robins (Head of Year 3)

New class                                     Miss Huffer – Swifts

New class                                     Mrs Cary/Miss Carter - Wrens

Swifts – Miss Huffer                    Mrs Searle – Merlins (Head of Year 4)

Robins – Mrs Whitfield               Mr Hall - Ospreys

New class (mixed from Y4)         Mr Davis - Toucans (Head of Year 5)

New class (mixed from Y4)         Miss East - Quetzals

New class (mixed from Y4)         Mrs Scanlan - Parrots

Quetzals – Mr Parker                   Mrs Rey - Owls (Head of Year 6)

Parrots – Mrs Scanlan                  Miss Saunders - Eagles

Toucans – Mr Davis                      Ms Chalmers - Kites

A message from Mr Tucker regarding extra-curricular clubs

June 30, 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Private Clubs on School Premises


I am writing to remind you about the school’s stance on clubs provided at the school. Yesterday morning the cricket coach did not turn up and only three parents were still present with their children. The children are your responsibility until you hand them over to the club leader. I want to remind you that the contract for your child’s club provision is between the club and yourselves, NOT the school.

I have written many times stating that children are being dropped off at the gate with the assumption that a club is running and that if it is not, then the school will make provision for the children. This is not the case. Staff arrive early to set up their day. They will not be responsible for babysitting children because a club is not running. The school provides the space for the clubs to run, we are not responsible for them. We appreciate that many clubs are used for childcare reasons but the children will be UNSUPERVISED until 8.40am when the school becomes responsible for them. We do not know which children attend these clubs as that is an arrangement between you and the club involved.

Please DO NOT drop your child at the gate hoping that the club is running. We appreciate that this might be easier for you in order to get to work but they are your responsibility until you hand them over to their club leader. If we find out that certain children are being dropped off regularly at the gate we will review whether they can continue to attend external clubs that hire out our facilities.

From September we will introduce a requirement for you to sign your child into all morning clubs.


Yours sincerely,

Mr D Tucker

Head Teacher

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