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St Lawrence C of E (A) Junior School

Rewarding Effort and Attitude


Head Teacher's Lottery

Each week during Monday's assembly, I use a random number picker to select a number between 1 and 31. The corresponding child in each class's register gets to come and see me on the Friday of that week and share their good work with me. This good work is rewarded with a gold Headteacher's sticker.

If your child comes home with a Headteacher's sticker, please ask them what it is for.



Top Table Initiative

St Lawrence has launched a novel scheme for rewarding good behaviour at lunchtimes: the Top Table initiative. Our Lunchtime supervisors watch for children whose behaviour during lunchtimes has set an especially good example to their peers. Good behaviour, good table manners, politeness and helpfulness are all noted. At the end of the week, 6 children are nominated for a place at the Top Table for Friday lunchtime.

The 6 children are called out in Friday’s assembly, rewarded with a Top Table sticker and are able to choose a friend to share their Top Table honours with.  These children are then served their lunch ahead of everyone else, sit at a specially laid out table, complete with table cloth, and are waited on by the Hall lunchtime supervisors. As you can see, the children really enjoy their reward of being on the Top Table.