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St Lawrence C of E (A) Junior School

Pupil Leadership

School Council - The Pupils' Voice

St Lawrence has a long tradition of maintaining an elected School Council to enable pupils to have a voice and to understand that their opinions count.

The council acts as a channel for communication between pupils and teachers, senior management and governors.  It helps to strengthen the sense of community in school by encouraging pupils and teachers to work in partnership towards shared goals.

School councillors are elected each year in September and they serve on the school council for the whole year.  Each class votes in one boy and one girl representative, giving a total of twenty-four members.  Year 3 children are voted in after the Autumn half-term break when the children have had the opportunity to get to know their peers.  Within the school council we have a ‘Chair’, ‘Vice Chair’ and ‘Clerk’.  The Year 6 elected representatives each take a turn in one of the lead roles for a term.

The Council meets every fortnight to discuss any ideas or issues that have been raised.  The School Council has initiated lots of ideas that benefit the whole school such as the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit and the introduction of a "Top Table" at lunch time.  They also organise and hold events to raise money for school improvement projects and for the charities we support.


Eco Council

This is an elected group of children who meet as a team to work on matters related to the school and our environment.


House Captains

Two children from each house are elected for this role. They lead Beech, Elm, Oak and Pine to victory. They help run achievement assemblies and set a great example for us all.


Sports Captains

Sports Captains take the lead at lunchtimes to run organised physical activities for children across all year groups.  They help run sports day.


Prayer Leaders

Our Prayer Leaders in Year 5 are central to the work we do at St. Lawrence and have become increasingly prominent in their roles over the last few years. They work alongside Vicar Anne (St. Paul's Church) to plan and lead our Collective Worship every Monday, with a focus on our School Values. 


Headteacher for a Day

In Year 6 pupils have a chance to find out for themselves what it's like to be involved in politics! Year 6 pupils join together to form political parties, creating their own party ethos and manifesto.  Parties then have the chance to promote themselves in a special assembly and to leave campaign posters up around the school.  The whole school, including all the staff, vote for the party who has gained their support. Leader of the winning party is then duly elected as Head Teacher for a day.  Each one is different but a previous Head Teacher for a day ordered an immediate Mufti Day, greeted parents in the playground, led an assembly, handed out Head Teacher Award certificates and met with students throughout the day.