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St Lawrence C of E (A) Junior School

                       Our Vision and Values

                                                             "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

                                                                  Matthew 6:21



                                                                 Inspired by the Christian faith, our children will treasure

a love of learning,

a belief in themselves and others,

and a respect for the world around them,

and these will stay with them throughout their lives.



To develop children who are: Achieving, Believing and Caring


Core Values:

We promote and encourage:



St Lawrence was a generous and caring man. He worked in the church and took care of the poor and needy in Rome.  He gave them money so they could get what they needed.  He even sold the Church’s expensive belongings so that he could help them even more.  The Roman leaders thought the church had a great fortune hidden away.


One day they ordered St Lawrence to give the Church’s ‘treasures’ to them.  St Lawrence knew what was right and what was most important.  He stood up to the Roman leaders and told them that the people were the Church’s treasures.  St Lawrence showed great compassion to others, was courageous and gave his life for his beliefs. God gave him strength and joy right to the end.



Our children are our treasures;

they are at the heart of everything we do.


To learn more about our values and what they look like in action, please click on the following: